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Info for Exhibitor
Notes!The contents listed here are the important information for exhibitors to participate in the exhibition smoothly and the work that needs to be completed by exhibitors in time. Please read carefully and finish the relevant work as soon as possible as required. If you don't finish the required work before the specified time, the Organizer can't provide services for you.
Attention: The items in the table, marked with (on line), could be filled in online, submitted online after completion, and submitted online is regarded as signed for approval. You can also download and fill in the form, and submit it according to the submission method provided.
After receiving the and the , please log in according to the relevant introductions, download to return by mail, email and fax or submit the relevant forms on line.
Package Booth
Attention: if the Exhibitors of Package Booth have individual decoration, please firstly ask the Organizer or Official Stand Contractor (refer to List of Key Contacts) to confirm whether it belongs to the construction. If yes, please prepare and submit relevant information and carry out the related procedures according to the requirements of the Raw Space Booth.