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Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
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Sponsor & Cooperator

MetalForm China is an important exchange and display platform for forging, pressing/stamping, sheet metal/fabrication industry, and related industries of the three industries. CCMI has always adhered to the principle of cooperate to take the construction with industry, enterprises and industrial organizations, with the ultimate goal of promoting the industry progress and enterprise development.

MetalForm China has set up sponsorship. On the one hand, it allows enterprises with ability to make good use of this industry platform to strengthen publicity. On the other hand, it is also to guide enterprises to contribute their own strength to promote the progress and improvement of the industry platform. If you have any questions about sponsorship, please contact:

Operation Department,

MetalForm China Division,

Confederation of Chinese MetalForming Industry

10/F Boya Tower C, Zhonguancun Life Science Park, Beiqing Rd., Changping, Beijing 102206, P. R. China.

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Sponsor of Press Conference

Press conference is an activity of CCMI to introduce the industry to the outside in order to promote the exhibition. CCMI will organize several press conferences in different regions for each of the exhibitions according to the needs.

Press conferences mainly invite journalists and editors of industry media and social mass media, and sometimes users and suppliers who are concerned about the development and progress of the industry.

In order to answer the questions about the development and progress of the industry, from 2018, at the press conference, CCMI will also invite some experts, entrepreneurs and leaders of the association to attend.

In the press conference, the enterprises sponsoring the press conference can introduce the products and technologies of the enterprises. The MetalForm China Division of CCMI will require the news media to release the information of the sponsored enterprises together with the exhibition and industry information. At the same time, you can also establish a cooperative relationship with the news media through such publicity, so as to lay a foundation for the promotion of enterprise technology and products in the future.

There is no doubt that sponsoring a press conference is an important embodiment of the strength of an enterprise!

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Sponsor of Exhibitors Banquet

The banquet sponsorship of exhibitors is another demonstration of the strength/power of enterprises, and also an extremely good form of publicity.

The participants of the Banquet of the exhibitors are not only the leaders and important decision makers of the exhibitors, but also the important audience of the exhibition. We will turn the Banquet into "Dinner Party ", which is actually an important communication "Party" between the exhibitors and important customers, and an important gathering between the exhibitors and customers.

Exhibitor Banquet is an efficient communication mode in a relaxed environment! 

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Sponsor of Medals

CCMI held MetalForm China. The association didn't take part in any selfishness. The purpose of holding the exhibition was for exhibitors, audiences, industry and enterprises.

It is an important idea of organizing activities of CCMI to leave publicity opportunities to "enterprises"!

Since 2000, the exhibition held by CCMI has evaluated exhibits and awarded. Thousands of products from hundreds of enterprises have won awards. This is the “ShenGong (Masterpiece) Award" that CCMI has been insisting on for many years. In recent years, in order to recommend excellent equipment to the industry and promote the development of the industry, we are starting to evaluate high-quality suppliers and products, and also received good industry promotion effect.

According to the voice of the industry and enterprises, the evaluation and recommendation will be a long-term activity during the exhibition period. The trophies awarded by these activities will be of preservation value. Therefore, if the enterprise can sponsor this work, it will surely obtain extremely practical publicity effect.

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Strategic Alliance Cooperation

In order to promote the sustainable development of the exhibition and establish this platform with industry enterprises, CCMI has launched strategic cooperation projects with overseas enterprises since 2004.

Such cooperation is not only conducive to the extensive and in-depth publicity of the cooperative enterprises, but also conducive to the establishment of MetalForm China as a base for education and display with CCMI.

It is not difficult to understand that only enterprises with strong strength, strong public interest and love the development of Chinese metal forming industry will join and strengthen this cooperation with us.

Influence in the industry is wealth, is the cornerstone of enterprise progress!

See for details 《Strategic Alliance Cooperation Memorandum》.