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Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
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Key Notes

  1. If you carry heavy exhibits or needs to rent furniture, electrical appliances, water, electricity, compressed air and other services, please contact the Official Stand Contractor and the Official Freight Forwarder in advance. For the details, please refer to the relevant contents in the <Exhibitor’s Manual> issued by us or visit
  2. Please pay more attention to the move-in time of heavy exhibits. Please carefully read the relevant content of the "Exhibitor’s Manual" received, and pay more attention to the arrival and move-in time of heavy exhibits. If you could not take the operation at the prescribed time, the Organizer will not guarantee the move-in of exhibits.
  3. Heavy exhibits need to go through different admission procedures in advance according to different exhibition venues, please clearly understand the vehicle driving regulations and routes of exhibits, and the designated parking lot, and move in according to the specified order. For details, please read the <Exhibitor’s Manual> and contact the Official Freight Forwarder.
  4. The exhibitors of raw space should pay more attention to the allowed construction time. Please make arrangements for water and electricity cut-off. For details, please read the<Exhibitor's Manual> and contact the Official Stand Contractor.
  5. The Exhibitors with water, electricity, compressed air and furniture rental are advised to bring the rental confirmation form (or contract) and the payment documentation to the exhibition site to avoid dispute of ambiguity on site. Please read the contents of the <Exhibitor’s Manual>for details.
  6. Please provide the contact information of the personnel in charge of the on-site work to Official Freight Forwarder and the Organizer in advance to determine the details of transportation and construction, so as to arrange the reasonable move in process, arrange the exhibition smoothly and save your time. Please read the contents of the <Exhibitor’s Manual>for details.
  7. If you ask your own construction & decoration company, it must be a qualified one, please ask the builder to issue a <Safety Commitment>, and submit the drawings to the Official Stand Contractor for review and approval. In case of any safety accident during the building, the exhibitor shall bear the responsibility.
  8. During the construction and decoration period, exhibitors and construction workers should pay attention to wearing safety helmets before entering the exhibition hall.
  9. Please pay attention to the process of field work and fulfill a good work flow.