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Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
Add:10/F, Boya Tower C, Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Beiqing Rd., Changping, Beijing 102206, P.R.China
Procedure & Workflow
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Filling the Application
Application Form
Apply on Line
Applicant Signature and Send by Fax or Email
Fax:010 5305 6644
Awaiting for the Contact of the Personnel from Sales Department of MetalForm China Division
Signing the Participation Contract
Participation Contract (Template)
Please Check and Download <Notice of Participation> and <Exhibitor’s Manual>
Send or Supply the Information/Document Required by <Notice of Participation> and <Exhibitor’s Manual>
Filled and Submitted with Paper
Fax:010 5305 6644
Filled and Submitted on Line
All-in-One Package Booth
Raw Space
Application of Construction
Confirm the Related Fee of the Construction
Pay All Fees Including Booth Rental Before Entering the Exhibition Hall
Filling and Submitting < Safety Commitment>
Fax:010 5305 6644
Check the Badges, Construction Workers Pass and < Key Notes>
Work on Site
Move-in, Fascia Board Check
Opening of the Expo and Pay the Fee Requested on Site
Goods-out Pass and Carrying out the Related Procedure