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Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
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Index of Exhibits

A. Parts/Comments


  • Car & New Energy Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Construction Machinery
  • Motorcycle & Bicycle
  • Lifting and Transportation
  • Agricultural, Forestry, Animal-breeding and Fishery Machinery
  • Track Vehicles
  • Mine Equipment
  • Smelting Equipment
  • Steel Rolling Equipment
  • Electricity Equipment
  • Petroleum and Chemical Equipment
  • Aviation/Astronautic and Astronavigation Equipment
  • Military/Defense Industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Machine tool, Foundry and Metal Forming Equipment Forging
  • Machining Tool and Hand Tools
  • Bearing
  • General Machinery
  • Mechanical Foundation Parts
  • Light Industry Machinery and Packing, Textile and Printing Machine
  • Fastener & Hardware
  • Gas Appliances
  • Hardware Forging
  • Medical Equipment,Pharmaceutical Machine and Drugs Packaging Machinery
  • Food Machinery
  • Kitchenware & Tableware
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment
  • Household Appliances
  • Marine Equipment:
  • Rubber, Paper and Wood Working machine
  • science Facilities
  • Al-alloy Forging
  • Brass Forging
  • Ti-alloy Forging
  • High Strength Steel Forging
  • Micro-alloyed Steel Forging
  • Radial Forging

Stampings/Pressing Parts

  • Car & New Energy Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Body in White
  • Motorcycle & Bicycle
  • Agricultural, Forestry, Animal-breeding and Fishery Machinery
  • Electronics & Electrical Appliances
  • Household Appliances, kitchenware & Tableware
  • Kitchen & Toilet Equipment
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Motor & Power Generator
  • Computer, Internet and Communication
  • Construction,Mine,Lifting and Transportation Machinery
  • Military/Defense Industry
  • Track Vehicles
  • Daily Necessities
  • Hardware Forging
  • Fastener
  • Gas Appliances
  • Range Hood
  • Building & Decorating Materials
  • Aviation/Astronautic and Astronavigation Equipment
  • Power and Electricity Equipment
  • Light Industry Machinery and Packing, Textile and Printing Machine
  • Clothing, Shoes and Hats
  • Case Bags & Furniture
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Food Machinery
  • Lockset
  • Medical Equipment,Pharmaceutical Machine and Drugs Packaging Machinery
  • Machine Tool
  • Shipbuilding and Marine Equipment
  • Special Materials Pressing
  • Combined Materials Pressing
  • Al-alloy Stamping
  • Stainless Steel Stamping
  • Fine Blanking
  • Precision Hi-speed Stamping
  • Spinning Parts
  • Internal High Pressure Forming and HSS Forming
  • Multi-point Stamping
  • Hydroforming
  • Head Stamping

Sheet Metal Parts/Fabricating

  • Car & New Energy Vehicle r
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Motorcycle & Bicycle
  • Agricultural, Forestry, Animal-breeding and Fishery Machinery
  • Electronics & Electrical Appliances
  • Household Appliances, kitchenware & Tableware
  • Kitchen & Toilet Equipment
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Computer, Internet and Communication
  • Construction,Mine,Lifting and Transportation Machinery
  • Military/Defense Industry
  • Track Vehicles
  • Daily Necessities
  • Hardware Forging
  • Gas Appliances
  • Range Hood
  • Building & Decorating Materials
  • Aviation/Astronautic and Astronavigation Equipment
  • Power and Electricity Equipment
  • Light Industry Machinery and Packing, Textile and Printing
  • Clothing, Shoes and Hats
  • Case Bags & Furnature
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Food Machinery
  • Office Furnature
  • Lockset
  • Medical Equipment,Pharmaceutical Machine and Drugs Packaging Machinery
  • Machine Tool
  • Shipbuilding and Marine Equipment
  • Hardware Stampings
  • Toy
  • Battery
  • Airport,Railway Station and Seaport Equipment
  • Financial Equipment & Vending Machine
  • ETC Machine
  • Super Market Equipment
  • Cabinet & Box
  • Tube/Pipe Rolled
  • Head Spinning

Others in Parts

B. Forging Machine & Technology

Forging Machine & Technology

  • Hot Forging Press and Mechanical Forging Press
  • Cold Forging Press and Warm Forging Press
  • Cold Forging Press and Warm Forging Press
  • Mechanical Extrusion Press
  • Friction Screw Press and Hydraulic Screw Press
  • Direct-Driven Screw Press
  • Clutch Type Screw Press
  • Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Closed-die Forging Press & Hydraulic Open-die Forging Press
  • Hydraulic Extrusion Press and Hydraulic Press for Powder Metallurgy Product
  • Hydraulic Horizontal & Vertical Extrusion Press
  • Multi-way Closed-die Forging Press
  • Liquid State Closed-die Forging Press and Crankshaft Forming Press(NTR press)
  • Hydraulic Isothermal Forging Press
  • Hydraulic Counter-blow Hammer and Pneumatic-hydraulic Counter-blow Hammer
  • Servo Forging Press
  • Drop Forging Hammer
  • Air Closed-die Forging Hammer and Open-die Forging Hammer
  • Hydraulic Hammer and Pneumatic-hydraulic Hammer
  • Cold Former, High-speed Hot Former and Cold Forming
  • Ring Rolling Press, Spinning Forging Press and Spinning Machine
  • Upsetter, Rolling Machine, Skew Rolling Machine and Wedge Rolling Press
  • Radial Forging Press and Orbital Forging Press
  • Electricity Upsetter
  • Thread Rolling Machine, Fastener Forging machine
  • Drawing Forming Machine
  • Spring Forming Machine
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printer)

Auxiliaries and Technology

  • Billet Shearing Machine, Band Saw Machine and High-speed Disc Saw Machine
  • Trimming Press, Coining、Straightening & Sizing Press
  • Twister Press, H-Steel Straightening Press and Tube & Pipe Straightening Press
  • Flame Cutting Machine for Forging Production
  • Induction Heater and Loader
  • After-forging Cooling System
  • Water Descaling System and Lubrication Device
  • Phosphate-saponification Coating Machine
  • Quick-Die Change System and Step Transfer Device
  • Blast Cleaning Machine and Relief Machine of Internal or Residual Stress
  • Forging Transfer Device or System
  • Forging Feeding & Loading Machine, Rail-bound Forging Manipulator and Movable Manipulator
  • Forging Grinding Machine
  • Forging Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering and Quenching & Tempering Equipment
  • Forging Hardening Machine
  • Foundation Element and Hydraulic System
  • Forging Storage & Handling Machine

Furnace and Energy Saving Technology

  • Gas(Coal Gas), Fuel Forging Furnace and Heat-treatment Furnace
  • Burner, Thermocouple and Refractory
  • Control System for Gas(Coal Gas), Fuel and Electric Furnace
  • Energy Saving and Smoke Emission & Dust-removal Equipment
  • Measurement Device, Display and Record Machine for Furnace Temperature, Pressure and Fuel Flow Rate
  • Gear Box, Air-blower and Forced-draft Blower for Gas( Coal Gas) and Fuel Forging Furnace

Forging Test/Inspection Equipment and Technology

  • Metallurgical Microscope, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope and Deep-hole Endoscopy)
  • Mechanical Property Test Machine, Recorder and Dada Processing
  • Hardness Test
  • Forging Size Measurement and Automatic Test/Inspection System
  • Laser Temperature Detector
  • Dye Inspection Device, Fluorescent Magnetic Flaw Detector, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & Magnetic Flaw Detector
  • γ-ray, Penetration Flaw Detector and X-ray & Isotope Detector
  • Fatigue and Creep Text Machine
  • 3D Measurement System
  • Caliper, Micrometer and Other Measuring Equipment

Others in Forging Machine & Technology

C. Stamping Equipment & Technology

Pressing/Drawing Equipment &Technology

  • C-type Tilting Press and Fixed Bed Press
  • C-type Single-point and Two-Point Press
  • Single-point and Two-point Mechanical Prress
  • C-type Single-point and Multi-rod Press and Two-point Multi-rod Press
  • C-type High-speed Press, C-type Precision High-speed Press & Super-speed Press
  • Two-point, three-point, Four-point and Toggle Press
  • Single and Double Action Press
  • One-point and One Action, Two-point and one Action, Four Point and One Action and Four-Point and Two Action Press and Two-point and Multi Rod, Four-point and Multi Rod Press
  • Multi-station Press and Precision Punch Press
  • Servo Press and Special Press
  • Fine Blanking Press and Deep Drawing Press
  • Precision High-Speed Two-point Press
  • Automatic High-speed Stamping Press Line for the Fins of Air-conditioner
  • Progressive Stamping Line
  • Mult-station Press and Line
  • Can Forming Press and Robot Pressing Line
  • Flexible and Speed Single-Arm Pressing Line
  • Flexible and High-speed Double-Arm Pressing Line
  • Hot Stamping Press and Heating Equipment
  • Combined-Material Forming Press

Hydraulic Press and Technology

  • Manual Hydraulic Press and Hydraulic Bench Press
  • Hydraulic Single, Two Column Punch, Drawing, Calibrating and Press Fitting Press
  • Hydraulic Movable-Gantry-frame Press and Hydraulic Four-Column Push Press
  • Single-action and Two-action Punch, Drawing Press
  • Precision Hydraulic Pressing Press and Hydraulic Fine Blank Press
  • Hydraulic Trimming Press and Hydraulic Packing Press
  • Hydraulic Truck Beam Forming Press, Hydraulic Stamp or Emboss Press, Hydraulic Wheel-axle Assemble Press and Hydraulic Die Contacting Press
  • Hydraulic Car’s Doors Bending Press Hydraulic Interior Trims Press, Hydraulic Container Head Forming Press and Hydraulic Moving-rotary-Head and Frame-type Press
  • Cold and Hot Hydraulic Static-pressure Press, Hydraulic Hydroforming Press and Hydraulic Hot Stamping Press
  • Hydraulic Servo Press,Hydraulic Steel Winded Frame Press and Hydraulic Hydro-mechanical Deep Drawing Press
  • Hydraulic Single-action and Two-action Pressing Press Line and CNC Hydraulic Ship-building Body Parts Forming Press Line
  • Hydraulic Aircraft Skin Stretch-forming Press, Hydraulic Rubber Diaphragm Forming Press, Hydraulic Incremental Forming Press, Hydraulic Electromagnetic Forming Press and Hydraulic Multi-point Forming
  • Hydraulic Combined-Material Forming Press, Hydraulic Corrugating Machine and Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press
  • Hydraulic Stretching and Binding Press, Hydraulic Pressing and Forging Press and Hydraulic Super-plastic Forming Press

Spinning and Other Special Machine and Technology

  • Spinning Machine
  • Two-Roll Spinning Machine and Three-Roll Spinning Machine
  • Container Head Thinning Machine and Hot Necking Machine
  • Belt Wheel and Teeth Spinning Machine, Spoke Rim Spinning Machine and Oil Drum Corrugated Spinning Machine
  • Hot Roll Thickening Spinning Press , Folding Press and Bending & End-folding Press
  • Sheet Rolling Forming Machine, Roll Embossing Machine, Round Gasket Forming Machine and Tube/Pipe End-forming Machine
  • Rolling Forming Line and Sections Forming Line

  • Single-action Blanking Line
  • Un-coiler and Steel Trip Lengthwise Shearer Line, Un-coiler and Steel Trip Cross Shearer Line, Un-coiler and Steel Trip Flying Shearer Line and Un-coiler and Blanking Line
  • Drawing and Flattening Line
  • Tridimensional Storehouse for Stampings, Sheet/Plate and Tools
  • Blast Machine and Trimming Press for Stamping
  • Cleaning and Grinding Machine for Stamping
  • High-speed Feeding System

Others in Stamping Equipment & Technology

D. Sheet Metal/Fabricating Machine & Technology

Forming Machine and Technology for Sheet/Plate, Tube/Pipe, Sections/Shaped and Wire

  • Section Bending Machine and Sheet/Plate Bending Machine
  • Rolling Machine and Cold and Hot Sections Forming Machine
  • CNC Turret Press, Automatic Slot Punching Machine and CNC Hydraulic Punching-Shearing Press
  • Laser Cutting-forming Machine/ System and Flexible Sheet Metal Production Unit
  • Bending-Shearing Machine
  • Stretch Forming Press and Stretch Bending Machine
  • Drilling Machine and End-forming Machine for Sections and Tuble/Pipe
  • Tube/Pipe Bending Unit

Plasma Cutting

  • Laser Cutter and Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Flame Cutting Machine and Water-jet Cutting Machine
  • Grinding Wheel Cutter and Shearing Machine
  • Cutter for Sections and Tube/Pipe

  • Surface Treatment by Mechanical and Chemical Way
  • Surface De-oxidation, Coating, Conditioning, Cleaning, Evaporation, Brush and Drying Machine
  • Surface Treatment such as Lubrication, Corrosion, Erosion, Surface Electrolysis, Galvanizing, Tin Plating and Electrophoretic Treatment
  • Abrasive Belt Grinder, Container Grinder and Polishing, Grinding and Shot Blasting
  • Electrostatic Powder Spraying Machine, Electrostatic Spraying-Coating System, Flame (Laser) Spraying- Coating Machine, Electroplating Machine, Sintering Equipment and Powder Recovery Unit
  • Diffusion, Diffusion Annealing and Strengthening Treatment

Others in Sheet Metal/Fabricating Machine & Technology

E. Die & Tool

Forging Die

  • Hot Forging Die ( Anvil and Mold Forging)
  • Warm Forging Die and Cold Forging Die
  • Extrusion, Drawing, Sizing, Coining and Orbital Forging Die
  • Trimming Tool
  • Rolling and Wedge Rolling Die
  • Die Holder

Stamping Tooling and Sheet Metal Tool

  • Multi-station (Continuous) Stamping Tooling
  • Progressive Tooling, Spinning Die and Coining/Embossing Die
  • Punch Tooling, Blanking Tooling, Trimming Tooling, Forming Tooling and Bending Tool
  • Drawing Tooling Deep Drawing Tooling
  • Hydroforming Tooling and Hot Stamping Tooling
  • Panel Tooling, Thick Plate Forming Tooling and High-speed Pressing Tooling
  • Cutting Head, CNC Turret Tool and Bending Tool
  • Roller

Tooling Auxiliaries and Technology

  • Die, Tooling and Tool Repair and Renewing Machine and Technology
  • Tool and Die Machining Machine and Technology
  • Lubrication and Cooling System and Technology
  • Test & Inspection Machine and Technology
  • Surface Treatment Machine and Technology
  • Fastener and Common Elements of Tooling and Die

Others in Die & Tool

F. Joint & Welding Machine & Technology

Arc Welding Processing

  • Arc Welder and SAW Welder
  • MIG/MAG/TIG Welding Machine
  • Gouging Machine

Resistance Welding Plant

  • Electric Welding, Projection Welding and Seam Welding Machine
  • Flash Welder(NMW) and High-Frequency Resistance Welding Machine (ERW)

High Energy Beam Welding Plant

  • Laser Welding, Plasma Welding and Electro-beam Welding

Other Welding Plant

  • Stud Welder, Electroslag Welder and Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  • Friction Welder, Stir Friction Welder
  • High-frequency Induction Soldering Machine
  • Gas Welding Device
  • Solder & Hard Brazing, Micro-welding Machine
  • Weld Materials Production Line and H-Steel Welding Line


  • Pressing Joint, Rivet, Splice and Screwing
  • Crimping

Auxiliaries and

  • Welding Positioner, Fixture Tools
  • Edge Preparation Machine
  • Welding Cleaning and Heat Treatment Machine
  • Pre-heating and Cooling Machine
  • Air Cleaner, Respiratory Protective Device
  • Pedestrians Protection, Face Mask, Protective Glass, Eyeglass and Helmet

Others in Joint & Welding Machine & Technology

G. Data Processing (Hardware & Software), Intelligent, Informationzing and Automation, Test & Inspection of Sheet Metal Forming Parts, Die & Tool ,as well as Welding and Joint Pats

Data. Intelligent, Informationzing and Automation

  • Mechanical and Electronic Control System (CNC), Full Automatic System & Package Solution
  • Automatic Die/Tooling Positioning, Quick-Fixture and Clamp
  • Trackless Transfer, Sheet/Plate Reverse Device, Flattening Machine, Automatic Sheet/Plate Cleaning and Oil Painting Machine
  • Automatic Scraps Transfer and Handling Machine, Transfer Machine for Tool/Die/Tooling, Sheet/Plate and Parts
  • CNC Drawing Pad, Noise Protection and Reduction Device
  • Shock Absorber, Wireless Recognition Device
  • Robot, Manipulator, Mechanical Arm, End Pick-up Device and Belt Transportation System
  • Feeder and Loading Device, Ejector System, Deep Drawing Pad and Stacker
  • Storage and Sorting Device. Intelligent Control System and Sensing Device
  • ERP, MES, CAD/CAM and Simulation Software, Plant & Equipment On-line Simulation and Analysis System
  • Welding Detector, Welding Robot, Spot Welding Robot, Cutting Robot, Grinding Robot and Welding Sensing Device and Track Instrument
  • Automatic Die/Tooling/Tool Change System, Quick Loading and Un-loading Robot, Stamping Step Transfer Beam and Transportation System

Test & Inspection of Sheet Metal Forming Parts, Die & Tool ,as well as Welding and Joint Pats

  • Mark and Measuring Machine, Marking-off Table, and Marking, Reading and Tracking Device
  • Accuracy Measurement Instruments, CNC Measurement, Test/Inspection and Calibration Device
  • Detector, Inspection Agent, Coupling Agent, Pyrometer/Thermometer, Sensor, Flowmeter, Tress-Strain Measuring Device

H. Materials & Auxiliary Materials

Welding Materials

  • Welding Rod/Wire Solder
  • Solid Welding Wire
  • Welding Flux, Gasket Materials
  • Surface Materials, Soft and Hard Brazing Alloys and Flux
  • Die/Tooling/Tool Materials and Repairing Materials

Ingot, Billet and Steel Bar, Nonferrous Materials

Sheet/Plate, Tube/Pipe, Sections and Wire

Saw Blade and Band, Sheet/Plate Surface Cleaning Materials

Lubricant, Coolant and Protection Materials

Others in Materials & Auxiliary Materials

I. Plant Facilities and Storage Equipment of Sheet Metal Forming

J. Process and Quality Control, Safety and Environment Protection

K. Media, Organization (Association) and Service Suppliers

L. Others