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Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
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Qualified Suppliers Recommended 2022
Qualified Suppliers Recommended 2022

During the exhibition, experts from the brainstorming expert service center will select and recommend the equipment exhibited by the exhibitors of forging, stamping, sheet metal and manufacturing, tooling and welding. Issuing excellent supplier certificates and trophies on site is a major event for suppliers in the forging industry. Please contact


It is the bounden responsibility of CCMI and MetalForm China exhibition to constantly recommend high-quality equipment to the users, exhibition visitors and various potential buyers. This work has been carried out since 2016, which has achieved good promotion effect and won high praise in the industry. In order to make the promoted products authoritative and expand the influence, the exhibition Organizers form experts and scholars from Lab for Forging and Metalforming industry of CCMI, Brain-Storm Expert Service Center of CCMI and Form Press, INC to evaluate and recommend the exhibits of the products.


Exhibitors can fill in the Registration of Appraisal Exhibits-Form for Qualified Suppliers Recommended(Required)and Advantage Description To Exhibit-Form for Qualified Suppliers Recommended(Required, which must be submitted to the organizer 45 days before the date of opening.

The Application and Evaluation Steps are as follows:

Step 1: The equipment exhibitors voluntarily participate in the activity, free of charge (without any charge). It is required to submit the Registration of Appraisal Exhibits-Form for Qualified Suppliers Recommended(Required) and Advantage Description To Exhibit-Form for Qualified Suppliers Recommended(Requiredto the Operation Department of MetalForm China Division of CCMI 45 days before the date of the exhibition opening.

Step 2: The experts from Lab for Forging and Metalforming Industry, Brain-Storm Expert Service Center and Form Press, INC. will conduct the evaluation. In this stage, it is necessary to continue to prepare and submit relevant technical data according to the requirements. The results will be released in advance, publicized and the Organizer will listen to the advices from public.

Step 3: During the exhibition, the experts review and re-evaluate the equipment displayed on site, publish the final results on the exhibition site, and issue the trophies of Qualified Suppliers Recommended.

The Key Recommended Exhibits of Excellent Suppliers are:

  • Mechanical PressServo Press, Precision High-speed and Automatic Press, C-type Press, Close-Crank-Press, Multi Station Press, Cold Forging Press, Hot Forging Press, Screw Press, etc.
  • Hydraulic PressHydraulic Servo Press, Precision Punch Press, Trimming and Try-out Press, Hammer, Extrusion Press, etc.
  • Sheet Metal & Fabricating MachineLaser Cutting Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine, Water Jet, Turret, Bending Press/Sheet Metal Shears, Pipe (Tube) Bender, Bending Roll, etc.
  • Special Forming MachineTube & Pipe Former, Wire Former, Ring Rolling Machine, Spring Forming Machine, Fastener Former, Incremental forming machine(Die-less Forming Machine),Wire Drawing Machine, Powder Metallurgy, Electromagnetic Forming Machine, Hydro-forming Press, Rolling Press, Spinning Machine, Blanking Equipment, Sawing Machine (disc saw, band saw), Bar Cutting Machine, etc.
  • Functional Parts: Servo Motor and Control System, Cooling System, Motor, Clutch, Servo Pump, Hydraulic Control System, Solenoid Valve, etc.
  • Automation Apparatus: Un-coiler, Leveling, Feeding, Conveying, Blanking, Stacking Device, Robot Production Line, Handling System, Quick Die Change, Material Warehouse, Transport Trolley, etc.
  • Safety Devices: Light Type Safety Device, LM Load Monitor, Test/Inspection Instrument, Sensor, Safety Protection Appliance, Noise Reduction and Vibration Isolation Device, Filter and Dust Removal Device, etc.
  • Tool & Die: Forging Die, Stamping Die, Sheet Metal Tool, Tooling and other forming dies.
  • Surface Conditioning: Shot Blasting Machine, Cleaning Machine, Oiler, Deburring Machine, Anti-rust and Anti-Corrosion Equipment, Spraying Device, Release Agent, Graphite Lubricant, etc.
  • Joint & Welding: Laser Welding Machine, High Frequency Welding Machine, Electron Beam Welding Machine, Spot Welding Machine, Arc Welding Machine, Gas Welding Machine, Welding Robot and Other Automatic Devices.
  • Design and Manufacturing System: CAD/CAM, CAE, Quick Prototype Manufacturing, Production Management System, Intelligent Handling System, Handling Equipment, etc.
  • Heating and Heat Treatment: Industrial Furnaces, Stove and Energy-saving Technologies for Forging and Stamping, Burners, Thermocouples, Electro-thermal Material, Heat Insulation Materials, etc.
  • Others

Precautions for evaluation:

Exhibitors participating in the evaluation should carefully fill in the Registration of Appraisal Exhibits-Form for Qualified Suppliers Recommended(Required) andAdvantage Description To Exhibit-Form for Qualified Suppliers Recommended(Required), and send them to:



Operation Department,

MetalForm China Division,

Confederation of Chinese MetalForming Industry

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Changping, Beijing 102206, P. R. China.

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