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Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
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What Concern

What is concerned by MetalForm China:

  1. CCMI creates and guides the whole industry chain service concept,so that MetalForm China has covered all of aspects related to forging, pressing/stamping and fabricating/sheet metal equipment and technology, say the machine and process from raw materials to metal forming parts, and management technology as well. 
  2. The die & tooling and joint & welding machine and technology related metal forming industry has been added. It is not only to display the equipment and technology of whole industry chain to meet the demand of metal forming industry developing, but also also greatly expanded the vision of exhibitors and audiences. It has important strategic significance to actively promote the metal forming industry to develop “Integrated Production and Management Technology” and “Platform Strategic”, as well as to form the concept of “Face Together and Common Acquisition”.
  3. Interconnection has become an irresistible trend, and it is not too difficult to know each other. It is a kind of superficial homogeneous competition, that the on-site products and technologies display and face-to-face communication which appeared on the same platform, but it is also a perfect interaction between the concept and practice of "differentiated competition". This is one of the most important purposes MetalForm China.
  4. CCMI is one of the first fully market-oriented industrial organizations, and widely connected with the firms from domestic and foreign industries. It has a strong influence in China's forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating industries, and represents Chinese forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating industry to take part in the international industry exchanges and activities. It is not just a kind of display and business operation in the ordinary sense to take part in the MetalForm China, but it reflects the industry and the world of enterprise, and the concern for the enterprise and the work of its own industry, and show a positive attitude to the progress and development of their own industry. It can really express  the idealistic stature and spiritual realm that the industry is my home, and I add bricks and tiles for the progress of the industry.
  5. MetalForm China is compatible with the concept of "SepDay" advocated by CCMI. "SepDay" has gathered a large number of industry activities and become a big gathering and exchange platform in our industry. In this phenomenon, we show our love and respect for the industry. It is the important industry publicity by reality to the public. “SepDay-MetalForm China will become a symbol of the world forging, pressing/stamping and fabricating/sheet metal industry, and of which is a totem and memorial.  
  6. The need to work hard and forge ahead. The manufacturing industry all over the China is thinking about how to face and overcome the world's pressure and competition. The Chinese forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating industries are more severe. The activities of “SepDay” will provide materials for this kind of thinking, because the whole activity covers the exchanged of culture, technology, equipment and marketing experience. Many ideas, technologies and equipment will be appeared in the Chinese market for the first time, and some them will be widely promoted for the first time in China.
  7. Creation and manufacturing are the origin. In a sense, no matter what kind of technology is developed or what kind of industry appears, the manufacturing including metal forming industry is the fundamental! Without the development and progress of the manufacturing industry, all of development has lost the significance of existence, and reliable support for its emergence and development. It’s in manufacturing, it's down to manufacturing. No matter from the perspective of human evolution, social development theory or Marxist philosophy, Manufacturing industry is the foundation and core of human history, it is the core to meet the people's growing needs for a better life. Both spiritual and material aspects must be based on the development and continuous progress of manufacturing industry. This is the concept that "SepDAy" – MetalForm China has always adhered to.
  8. Responsibility and direction of manufacturing industry development. The core (or focus, hot spot) of the development of manufacturing industry, including metal forming industry, is to reduce the labor intensity of workers, constantly create to meet the needs of human material and spiritual civilization, improve production efficiency, and constantly manufacture and improve the quality of products as well as reduce production costs, and constantly reduce the consumption of natural resources and environmental damage. The best manufacturing industry is to meet the growing needs of people, and realize the harmonious coexistence with nature. These are the “original aspiration” and source of technological development, equipment transformation and enterprise upgrading that the forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating industries must always adhere to. It is the core value of our activities.
  9. The foundation (basic manufacturing) is not low-end. "Primary" manufacturing industry, and "low-grade" basic industries such as forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating production, the "high-end" of new business forms (or new industries), this is a misunderstanding of the manufacturing industry, especially the basic industries such as forging, pressing/stamping, sheet metal/fabricating. In manufacturing industry, there is no distinction between high and low in the same period. There are basic and non-basic industries, traditional and new industries, but any new industry is based on and supported by the traditional industry. Traditional industries that play a fundamental role may be changed and improved, but they will not be disappeared,The importance of basic industries, including forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating can be introduced in “SepDay”,and this is one of our original ideas for holding the exhibition.