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What to Visit

What is the exhibition/exposition? There must be many definitions, but the current exhibition should be the perfect display of physical objects, corporate culture and image, it is a platform for the interaction between exhibitors and audiences".  An exhibition is not a trade fair or sales market and it is certainly not a supermarket or shopping mall.

Why we will visit an exhibition, the reasons are:

  • The exhibition reflects the prosperity of the industry - understand what's happened in the industry;
  • Exhibition reflects the industry's attention - what is the industry's hot spot?
  • The exhibition reflects the trend of the industry - what is the future prospect?
  • Exhibition reflects industry weaknesses - what are opportunities to create?

If we just visit the exhibition with a simple attitude of buying and selling "goods", there is really unnecessary to visit. Because most of the time, there are not suitable goods that meet your demand or you cannot choose the expecting in your mind, which will make you very disappointed.

The industrialization and marketization are in progress, it is full of the stubborn trading culture of "traditional farming and manual workshop ", and the modern industrial and commercial culture has not been fully formed. Therefore, the biggest problem encountered in the development of the exhibition in China is not only from the exhibits from the exhibitor, but also from the concept of the audience/visitor.                 

The audience/visitor is the soul of the exhibition, and what kind of audience/visitor will form what kind of exhibition culture. At present, few people realize that "the exhibition is needed by the audience/visitor", and they always regard the exhibition as a "shopping mall", which is the tragedy of domestic exhibitions and also the big mistake of the exhibition.

The exhibition provides an extremely important "open bidding" platform for the audience/visitors, and also opens a great book for the audience/visitors to understand the industry and the professional market, technology, equipment and management. From the point of view of market economy, the exhibition is an economic and technological feast created by exhibitors and organizers to provide services to the audience/visitors.

Since its establishment, CCMI has organized "forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating industry exhibition", which has received tens of thousands of visitors, and also organized thousands of domestic people to visit similar "forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating professional exhibition" abroad, as well as exhibitions related to forging, pressing/stamping and sheet metal/fabricating industry ", and concluded that" Chinese visitors are not willing to visit the exhibition, and do not know how to visit the exhibition, i.e. It is found that many people will not visit the exhibition, and do not know what kind of mentality and way to visit the exhibition, which express that they are not like to visit the exhibition, especially the professional exhibition.

The starting point of visiting the exhibition is "finding different". For the technology or equipment that you are familiar with or use, what you have to do is to understand the difference between the exhibits and your current process and machines. You can discuss with the suppliers about the problems existing in your use during the exhibition, learn of the problem-solving situation, and find the answers needed by yourself through the exchange with the similar equipment and technology suppliers. In this case, please remember to turn the question understanding into "requirement or consultant".

Secondly, the audience should make great efforts to discover new technologies or equipment that they have never seen before. As long as such technologies and equipment are related to the business you are engaged in, you should carefully understand and consult. Especially for those closely related technologies and equipment, we must have a detailed understanding. Generally, in the exhibition, we can understand (1) the market sales situation; (2) the use effect and scope, especially the use in improving productivity, efficiency and product quality after use, as well as the scope of application and precautions for use; (3) specifications and parameters and highlights.

In addition, the visitors shall register all the technologies and equipment related to the business in the exhibition, carefully record the contact information and important contact persons of these firms, and marks the product features and highlights of the company on the brochures and business cards. So that these could be used for summarizing and consulting when needed.

We can't learn about the economic operation of an enterprise, but we can judge the operation of an enterprise through the arrangement of exhibition stands and personnel quality, and we can also observe and infer the cultural atmosphere of an enterprise. When visiting the exhibition, please pay more attention to the decoration of each exhibitor's stand.

During the visit, we should pay attention to the key exhibits and technologies, from which we can understand the current market trends of technologies and products. Please pay more attention to the trend of leading enterprises and products, so as to judge the current hot spots and focuses.

During the visit of the exhibition, we must understand that "the essence of the exhibition is the display of realistic objects, not the publicity of photos", "the style of the exhibition stand, the characteristics of equipment, the shape and appearance reflect the culture of the enterprise, and represent the cultural temperament and the production essence of the enterprise", which is one of the most important contents of the visit to the exhibition. It is also an important way for the audience to enhance "craft aesthetics".

The exhibition is the only practical means for the centralized communication of technology and equipment, which can help people to improve their "well-informed" in a limited period of time, stimulate their own inspiration, sort out their own ideas, and update their views and concepts. Every exhibitor carefully prepare, every organizer is very careful planning, every exhibition has its own characteristics, only need the audience to seriously visit!

Learning to visit the exhibition is more effective than reading a professional book!