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Absent Exhibitor

In order to provide effective publicity for exhibitors and absent exhibitors before, during and after the exhibition, the following publicity is specially planned.

Exhibitors are enterprises that rent booths and display on site. The absent exhibitor is an enterprise affiliated with CCMI, but not takes part in the MetalForm China. The exhibitors need to log in to apply for publicity and order. Exhibitors can get special preferential prices. Exhibitor…  

Attention: The following content is not suitable for exhibitors!

Advertising in Catalogue文件预览Download↓

The Catalogue edited and published for MetalForm China,i.e. the advertising on exhibitors directory.

Advertising in InView文件预览Download↓

is published irregularly. You can order advertisement in it.

Advertising in Preview文件预览Download↓

Preview before the exhibition is a guide and a brief introduction for visitors before the exhibition, with a large circulation.

Please attach a copy of the remittance document; the application will come into effect.