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Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry
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ECO-MetalForm Summit 2022
ECO-MetalForm Summit 2022
- ChinaForge Fair Conference 2022
- MetalForm China Conference 2022

The forum will be held on the opening day of the exhibition to organize reports on hot issues in the industry. The main participants are exhibitors and visitors on site.


ECO-MetalForm Summit attempts to understand and plan the metal forming industry from the standpoint of social and economic development. Metal forming industry is a basic industry, but it is also a sunrise industry, because any advanced manufacturing industry is inseparable from the metal forming industry, which is an indisputable fact.


A developed country must have advanced manufacturing. A strong manufacturing industry must have a solid machinery manufacturing industry. An excellent machine building industry must be supported by a developed metal forming industry.


The reason, why western developed countries are developed, is that they have a leading manufacturing industry in many areas. When they are on the leading position in the machinery industry, they have the most developed metal forming industry in the world as well.


In short, the metal forming industry is the basis of machinery manufacturing. It needs advanced technology and equipment to process advanced raw materials into precision and durable metal forming parts, so as to lay the foundation for advanced machinery manufacturing industry.


Welcome to you to give a speech on the theme of this forum.


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Date: PM, 8 Dec, 2022

Venue:Hall 7, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)



The reports will be made at the exhibition site, free of charge for visitors and exhibitors.

Contents & Topics:

1.    What is needed for the industry to fully join the global economic development?

2.    The development of for technology and equipment of forging, pressing & stamping, sheet metal & fabricating and forming.

3.    Development of the technology of the tool and die of metal forming, as well as the welding and joint.

4.    Industry culture and enterprise culture with Chinese elements, the only way for the enterprises in the metal forming industry.

5.    The development of traditional manufacturing industry under the circumstances of "one belt and one road" and the deepening of reform and development of business environment. 

6.    Traditional manufacturing industry under the circumstances of the internet, big data and cloud computing.

7.    Automation, digitalization, informatization in the traditional manufacturing industry.

8.    Personnel education and training in basic manufacturing industry.

9.    The current financial difficulties/confusion was existed in the basic manufacturing industry. How to survive under pressure.

10.  Research and Discussion on the formulation of an enterprise strategy, management mode, as well as interpretation of industry policies is taken.

Fund Sponsor

In consideration of venue rental, reporter's work subsidy and necessary expenses for on-site activities, the forum accepts an exclusive sponsor. The proposal is as follows:

Sponsorship Fee: No less than CNY 50,000.00. The fee is used for rental of site and equipment, work subsidy of reporter and forum publicity etc. 

The Corporate rights:

1.       The sponsor will be recognized as the co-organizer of the summit, the name and logo of the enterprise will be displayed in the publicity of relevant forums of the exhibition.

2.       The layout of summit place will highlight the publicity co-organizers/sponsors.

3.       The co-organizers/sponsors are allowed to present souvenirs and materials with publicity value on the spot.

How to Participate:

I want to present a report……↓ Application Form of Report文件预览Click to Download↓

I want to present a report……↓ Application Form of Report文件预览Click to Download↓

I want to be the fund sponsor……↓ Confirmation Form of Sponsor文件预览 Click to Download↓

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