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1. Advertise in Magazine

The advertising on various topics will be carried out in the following but not limited to the listed magazines from January, 2021. The advertising will be taken continuously.

Magazine Name




















2. Press Conference & Briefing Tour

We will take the publicity of the exhibition along with the variety of activities held by CCMI, and held some press conference in Shanghai from March to June. In addition, we also will organize “Briefing Tour” to introduce our exhibition in jiangsu, zhejiang and etc. on Decemberr, 2020-June, 2021.

3. Visitor Invited by Door to Door

It is very successful for us to invite the visitors by door to door in 2021 for MetalForm China 2021. Thus, we will continues to invite the potential visitors or buyers expected in jiangsu, shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei and etc from Januarry to June, 2021. It is a very important way to organizer the visit-group from some industrial base and big business.

4. Invited Visitor from Government Department and State-run Company

We will delivery invite letter by 3 times.

5. InView Newspaper

InView is a very special publicity way for Metalform China, which has been published for many years. The contents of the InView are the exhibition progress, industry information, exhibition content interpretation, introduction to exhibitor and visitor services. The main aim is to improve the exhibitor and visitor to understand the exhibition well. Normally, we will publish 4-6 issues of the InView in 2021, and more than 30,000 copies per issue are distributed.

6. Brochure or Leaflet

We are still publishing and sending the brochures or leaflet of the exhibition to all of the exhibitors expected, which will systematically introduce the exhibition, and mean time, it would be benefit to strength the MetalForm China’s CI (Corporate Identity) function.

7. Internet and Wechat

CCMI possesses total of 20 WeChat Official Accounts, Headline Accounts and Websites, and there are more than 200,000 persons of concern fans, over 30,000 visits every day. In 2021, we plan to publish 50-60 reports or introductions concern the exhibition in the a.m. media, and more than 1,000,000 visits are expected. 

8. Publicity at College and University

The industry needs talents, especially talents with modern technology, consciousness and thinking & idea. For this reason, it is very important theme that CCMI promote the training of yang generation with metal forming knowledge during the exhibition. We will strength the cooperation with the colleges and universities located in not only Beijing but also north of China. We will pay more attention to invite more and more students’ visitors.

9. Public and Industry Media

We will continue to strength the cooperation with the public and industry media to publicity our exhibition. We will collect and release the hot topic, issues focused on and difficulties of our industry with press release or by press conference, for the public and industry media to pay more attention or to be published in their media. Especially, during the publicity of the exhibition, we have the opportunity to get the opinions or ideas at all of levels from all kinds of users. This will push and improve us to organize the exhibits in a targeted way. It is not only take the publicity of the exhibition by the public and industry media, but it is also the propaganda of the industry, and it is the best channel to guide the public to know and understand our industry as well. For this reason, we will be very pleased to continuously take the advertisement and publicity of the MetalForm China in the related media.

10. Publicity in CCMI Activity

CCMI organizes over 40 events every year containing technology, management and marketing. These are very good platform for publicity of the MetlForm China.

11. International Publicity

CCMI takes part in many international activities every year, and participate in almost all of well-known international conference and exhibition concerning forging, pressing/stamping, fabricating/sheet metal, joint & welding and die & tooling. CCMI also are invited to present some internal meeting held by the association or organization outside of China. CCMI takes advantage of these opportunities to vigorously promote MetalForm China. It could be said that MetalForm China exhibition has almost become a household name among its overseas counterparts. We have cooperated with many overseas industry organizations to promote the Internet connection of MetalForm China and at the same time, we carried out advertising exchange in the magazines they founded.

12. Promotion by Member Internet Link

CCMI has been carrying out network link with the memberships, and has received good publicity effect. Up to now, we have network link with 3000 businesses. In particular, the link with the member of director of CCMI has been playing the important role. From 2021, we will strive to establish network link with all exhibitors existed

If you (media) expect to cooperate for the exhibition with us, please contact:

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