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Simufact Engineering attends on MetalForm in 2015

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Hamburg, August 2015 In cooperation with Siempelkamp Simufact Engineering is attending MetalForm fair, September 16 - 19, 2015. Meet the company in Hall 9 on booth N20. Simufact Engineering presents its full range of product diversity – providing first impressions on their simulation software product lines Simufact.forming and Simufact.welding. 

Forming Simulation 
Simufact.forming is an established software product for the simulation of industrial forming processes. The simulation software is extremely robust and fast, which is needed to provide timely results and impact the design phase. It is easy to use and allows process design engineers to optimize the manufacturing process on a computer prior to a physical tryout. 
The software covers all major areas of metal forming: forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, all rolling processes, open die forging and mechanical joining to name the most important fields of application. Simufact.forming supports in microstructural simulation, calculation of tool load, the material flow and the prediction of material properties during heat treatment. 
By employing Simufact.forming, customers can ensure feasibility and process stability. The software helps develop new products more efficiently, reduce the number of costly try-outs, and optimize material usage. 
Latest update: Simufact.forming 13 is available 
Simufact Engineering has released its new product Simufact.forming 13. The new version provides improvements in post processing, evaluation and the depiction of the simulation results, result precision, software stability, and speed. Simufact.forming 13 offers a range of functional enhancements. 
Welding Simulation 
Simufact.welding is a practice-oriented software for the simulation of welding processes. The software offers unique capabilities to calculate welding stresses, distortions and material properties evolution from a single graphical user interface. Simufact.welding helps users to: 
• Identify and minimize critical distortions with respect to assembly, buckling, imbalance and clearances 
• Explore the optimal welding method including 
o the usage of clamping tools, 
o decisions on welding directions and welding sequences, 
o influence of unclamping on welding distortions and residual stresses 
• Verify the quality of welding seams 
As a result, the number of development loops is reduced significantly. 
Simufact.welding conveys a broad understanding of the process to the user and aids in the process design by: 
• Visualization of process influencing values, especially on the temperature distribution, residual stresses and deformations 
• Virtual try-out of clamping, welding sequences, unclamping times, effects of preheating as well as variation of materials 
Upcoming Release of Simufact.welding 5 
The forthcoming release Simufact.welding 5 comes with an extended process type spectrum covering Arc welding, Laser Beam welding and Resistance Spot welding. 
About Simufact 
Simufact Engineering – an MSC.Software company – is a global operating software company providing process simulation products and services to manufacturing industries. Today, after 20 years of developing and supporting simulation solutions for the design and optimization of manufacturing techniques in metal processing, the Hamburg (Germany) headquartered company has established as one of the leaders in this business area. Simufact succeeds in extending its global market share backed up by a dynamically growing customer base exceeding a number of 600 customers. A strong and continuously growing network composed of local offices and channel partners ensures global support. The software primarily aims at the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace industry and their respective suppliers. Typical fields of application for Simufact software are hot forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, rolling, ring rolling, open die forging, mechanical joining, heat treatment, and welding. For more information about Simufact Engineering please visit 
Simufact® is a registered trademark of Simufact Engineering GmbH. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. 
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