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About MetalForm China

MetalForm China 2019 (Shanghai Show)

17-20 July, 2019

Shanghai New International Expo Center

Organizer: Confederation of Chinese MetalForming Industry (CCMI)

MetalForm China will go back to Shanghai in 2019. We upgraded the exhibition theme as "New Era, New Forming and New Future".

MetalForm China is composed of four sub shows:

ChinaForge Fair 2019 (For Forging Technology)        SheetMetal China 2019 (for stamping technology)

MetalFab China 2019 (For Metal Fabricating Technology)    MetalComp China 2019 (For Metal Formed Parts)

Every year, about 400 domestic and international top companies gather here to showcase their machinery, die & mould, automation equipment, auxiliary devices, materials and metal formed parts, etc. One-stop shopping service is what we provide to purchasers. We have achieved steady growth of floor space, exhibitors, and visitors by consistently focusing on solutions which are aligned to process sequences of forging, stamping and sheet metal fabricating, and also, the automation of processes.

Since 2016, all import activities of CCMI have been scheduled for September. CCMI is striving to make a grand meeting, the “Sepday”, for China forging, stamping and sheet metal fabricating industry, with MetalForm China exhibition and two concurrent conferences at the core. Grand gathering and mass information exchange are outstanding features of “Sepday”.

Supporting Activities

  • ChinaForge Fair Conference 2019 

  • MetalForm China Conference 2019 & Stamping and Fabricating Directors Meeting 2019

  • Enterprise Intelligent Development Forums for Forging, Stamping and Fabricating Industries

  • Qualified Technology and Products Recommendation for Forging, Stamping and Fabricating

  • Latest Technology and Products Promotion Press

  • Procurement Fair for Metal Formed Parts’ Buyers

  • “Shen Gong (Masterpiece)” Metal Formed Parts Awards
  • On-site Promotion Meeting for Technology and Talents
  • Bingo game for visitors

Cooperative Media

News Paper & Magazine

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Exhibit Categories

  • Mechanical presses: Servo presses, High-speed automatic precision presses, C-frame presses, Straight side presses, Transfer presses, Cold forging presses, Hot forging presses, Screw presses, others
  • Hydraulic presses: Hydraulic servo presses, Fine blanking presses, Die spotting presses, Forging hammer, Extrusion hydraulic presses, others
  • Sheet metal fabricating machines: Laser cutting machines, Plasma cutting machines, Water-jet cutting machines, NC punching machines, Press brakes, Shearing machines, Tube bending machines, Plate rolling machines, others
  • Special forming machines: Tube/section forming machines, Wire forming machines, Spring machines, Incremental forming machines (Die-less NC forming machines), Wire drawing machines, Forming presses for powder and plastic parts, Electromagnetic forming machine, Internal high-pressure forming, Roll-formers, Spinning machines, Sawing machines (Circular/belt type), Bar shear, others
  • Machine elements: Servo motor and control systems, Cooling units, Clutches, Servo hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic control systems, electromagnetic valves, others
  • Automation equipments: Uncoiling equipments, Leveler Feeders, Transfer Facilities, Feeding/discharging equipments, Stacking devices, Robot lines, Belt conveyors, Quick die change systems, Storage of coils/blanks, others
  • Safety equipments: Light beam type safety devices, Load monitors, Testing/inspection instruments, Sensors, Noise and vibration protection, Flitter devices, others
  • Tools & dies: Tools and dies for Forging, Sheet metal stamping and fabricating, other special forming process, etc.
  • Surface treatment: Shot-blasting equipments, Washing machines, Deburring machines, Corrosion control related equipments, Painting equipments, Mould release agents, Graphitic lubricant, others
  • Welding Machines: Laser welding machines, High-frequency welding machines, Electron beam welding machines, Spot welding machines, Arc welding machines, Gas welding machines, Welding robots, others
  • Designing/Manufacturing systems: CAD/CAM, CAE, Rapid prototyping, Production management systems, Smart transportation systems/equipments for workshop, others
  • Heating & heat treatment: Forging & heat-treatment furnace and energy saving technology, Nozzles, Galvanic couple, Refractory, others
  • Metal formed parts: All kinds of forgings, stampings, fabricatings and other formed parts, etc.
  • Materials: Metal Plate, Tube, Wire, Bar, others


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