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  • Hot Forging Die ( Anvil and Mold Forging)
  • Warm Forging Die and Cold Forging Die
  • Extrusion, Drawing, Sizing, Coining and Orbital Forging Die
  • Trimming Tool
  • Rolling and Wedge Rolling Die
  • Die Holder
  • Multi-station (Continuous) Stamping Tooling
  • Progressive Tooling, Spinning Die and Coining/Embossing Die
  • Punch Tooling, Blanking Tooling, Trimming Tooling, Forming Tooling and Bending Tool
  • Drawing Tooling Deep Drawing Tooling
  • Hydroforming Tooling and Hot Stamping Tooling
  • Panel Tooling, Thick Plate Forming Tooling and High-speed Pressing Tooling
  • Cutting Head, CNC Turret Tool and Bending Tool
  • Roller
  • Die, Tooling and Tool Repair and Renewing Machine and Technology
  • Tool and Die Machining Machine and Technology
  • Lubrication and Cooling System and Technology
  • Test & Inspection Machine and Technology
  • Surface Treatment Machine and Technology
  • Fastener and Common Elements of Tooling and Die
  • Mechanical and Electronic Control System (CNC), Full Automatic System & Package Solution
  • Automatic Die/Tooling Positioning, Quick-Fixture and Clamp
  • Trackless Transfer, Sheet/Plate Reverse Device, Flattening Machine, Automatic Sheet/Plate Cleaning and Oil Painting Machine
  • Automatic Scraps Transfer and Handling Machine, Transfer Machine for Tool/Die/Tooling, Sheet/Plate and Parts
  • CNC Drawing Pad, Noise Protection and Reduction Device
  • Shock Absorber, Wireless Recognition Device
  • Robot, Manipulator, Mechanical Arm, End Pick-up Device and Belt Transportation System
  • Feeder and Loading Device, Ejector System, Deep Drawing Pad and Stacker
  • Storage and Sorting Device. Intelligent Control System and Sensing Device
  • ERP, MES, CAD/CAM and Simulation Software, Plant & Equipment On-line Simulation and Analysis System
  • Welding Detector, Welding Robot, Spot Welding Robot, Cutting Robot, Grinding Robot and Welding Sensing Device and Track Instrument
  • Automatic Die/Tooling/Tool Change System, Quick Loading and Un-loading Robot, Stamping Step Transfer Beam and Transportation System
  • Mark and Measuring Machine, Marking-off Table, and Marking, Reading and Tracking Device
  • Accuracy Measurement Instruments, CNC Measurement, Test/Inspection and Calibration Device
  • Detector, Inspection Agent, Coupling Agent, Pyrometer/Thermometer, Sensor, Flowmeter, Tress-Strain Measuring Device
  • Welding Rod/Wire Solder
  • Solid Welding Wire
  • Welding Flux, Gasket Materials
  • Surface Materials, Soft and Hard Brazing Alloys and Flux
  • Die/Tooling/Tool Materials and Repairing Materials
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"MetalForm China" was founded by CCMI. It has a long history since the "ChinaForge Fair" was held in 1990. It has witnessed the development and progress of China's metal forming industry...

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In response to the urgent requirements of the audience and exhibitors, Die & Tool China was established in "MetalForm China". This exhibition will become an important part of "MetalForm China", one of the six sub exhibitions. There is no doubt that forging, stamping and sheet metal enterprises are using die and tooling, and the die and tooling is an important support for the development of precision, efficient and green manufacturing in the three industries. Most of the forging, stamping and sheet metal technologies are in tool and die technologies. The Die & Tool China is not only the tool and die display, but also the display of technology and equipment such as process and tool, tool and die design...