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  • Car & New Energy Vehicle
  • C-type Tilting Press and Fixed Bed Press
  • C-type Single-point and Two-Point Press
  • Single-point and Two-point Mechanical Prress
  • C-type Single-point and Multi-rod Press and Two-point Multi-rod Press
  • C-type High-speed Press, C-type Precision High-speed Press & Super-speed Press
  • Two-point, three-point, Four-point and Toggle Press
  • Single and Double Action Press
  • One-point and One Action, Two-point and one Action, Four Point and One Action and Four-Point and Two Action Press and Two-point and Multi Rod, Four-point and Multi Rod Press
  • Multi-station Press and Precision Punch Press
  • Servo Press and Special Press
  • Fine Blanking Press and Deep Drawing Press
  • Precision High-Speed Two-point Press
  • Automatic High-speed Stamping Press Line for the Fins of Air-conditioner
  • Progressive Stamping Line
  • Mult-station Press and Line
  • Can Forming Press and Robot Pressing Line
  • Flexible and Speed Single-Arm Pressing Line
  • Flexible and High-speed Double-Arm Pressing Line
  • Hot Stamping Press and Heating Equipment
  • Combined-Material Forming Press
  • Manual Hydraulic Press and Hydraulic Bench Press
  • Hydraulic Single, Two Column Punch, Drawing, Calibrating and Press Fitting Press
  • Hydraulic Movable-Gantry-frame Press and Hydraulic Four-Column Push Press
  • Single-action and Two-action Punch, Drawing Press
  • Precision Hydraulic Pressing Press and Hydraulic Fine Blank Press
  • Hydraulic Trimming Press and Hydraulic Packing Press
  • Hydraulic Truck Beam Forming Press, Hydraulic Stamp or Emboss Press, Hydraulic Wheel-axle Assemble Press and Hydraulic Die Contacting Press
  • Hydraulic Car’s Doors Bending Press Hydraulic Interior Trims Press, Hydraulic Container Head Forming Press and Hydraulic Moving-rotary-Head and Frame-type Press
  • Cold and Hot Hydraulic Static-pressure Press, Hydraulic Hydroforming Press and Hydraulic Hot Stamping Press
  • Hydraulic Servo Press,Hydraulic Steel Winded Frame Press and Hydraulic Hydro-mechanical Deep Drawing Press
  • Hydraulic Single-action and Two-action Pressing Press Line and CNC Hydraulic Ship-building Body Parts Forming Press Line
  • Hydraulic Aircraft Skin Stretch-forming Press, Hydraulic Rubber Diaphragm Forming Press, Hydraulic Incremental Forming Press, Hydraulic Electromagnetic Forming Press and Hydraulic Multi-point Forming
  • Hydraulic Combined-Material Forming Press, Hydraulic Corrugating Machine and Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press
  • Hydraulic Stretching and Binding Press, Hydraulic Pressing and Forging Press and Hydraulic Super-plastic Forming Press
  • Spinning Machine
  • Two-Roll Spinning Machine and Three-Roll Spinning Machine
  • Container Head Thinning Machine and Hot Necking Machine
  • Belt Wheel and Teeth Spinning Machine, Spoke Rim Spinning Machine and Oil Drum Corrugated Spinning Machine
  • Hot Roll Thickening Spinning Press , Folding Press and Bending & End-folding Press
  • Sheet Rolling Forming Machine, Roll Embossing Machine, Round Gasket Forming Machine and Tube/Pipe End-forming Machine
  • Rolling Forming Line and Sections Forming Line
  • Single-action Blanking Line
  • Un-coiler and Steel Trip Lengthwise Shearer Line, Un-coiler and Steel Trip Cross Shearer Line, Un-coiler and Steel Trip Flying Shearer Line and Un-coiler and Blanking Line
  • Drawing and Flattening Line
  • Tridimensional Storehouse for Stampings, Sheet/Plate and Tools
  • Blast Machine and Trimming Press for Stamping
  • Cleaning and Grinding Machine for Stamping
  • High-speed Feeding System
  • Mechanical and Electronic Control System (CNC), Full Automatic System & Package Solution
  • Automatic Die/Tooling Positioning, Quick-Fixture and Clamp
  • Trackless Transfer, Sheet/Plate Reverse Device, Flattening Machine, Automatic Sheet/Plate Cleaning and Oil Painting Machine
  • Automatic Scraps Transfer and Handling Machine, Transfer Machine for Tool/Die/Tooling, Sheet/Plate and Parts
  • CNC Drawing Pad, Noise Protection and Reduction Device
  • Shock Absorber, Wireless Recognition Device
  • Robot, Manipulator, Mechanical Arm, End Pick-up Device and Belt Transportation System
  • Feeder and Loading Device, Ejector System, Deep Drawing Pad and Stacker
  • Storage and Sorting Device. Intelligent Control System and Sensing Device
  • ERP, MES, CAD/CAM and Simulation Software, Plant & Equipment On-line Simulation and Analysis System
  • Welding Detector, Welding Robot, Spot Welding Robot, Cutting Robot, Grinding Robot and Welding Sensing Device and Track Instrument
  • Automatic Die/Tooling/Tool Change System, Quick Loading and Un-loading Robot, Stamping Step Transfer Beam and Transportation System
  • Mark and Measuring Machine, Marking-off Table, and Marking, Reading and Tracking Device
  • Accuracy Measurement Instruments, CNC Measurement, Test/Inspection and Calibration Device
  • Detector, Inspection Agent, Coupling Agent, Pyrometer/Thermometer, Sensor, Flowmeter, Tress-Strain Measuring Device
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"MetalForm China" was founded by CCMI. It has a long history since the "ChinaForge Fair" was held in 1990. It has witnessed the development and progress of China's metal forming industry...

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"SheetMetal China" was founded by CCMI in 2004, and merged with "MetalForm China" sponsored by CCMI in 2007, becoming one of the six sub exhibitions of MetalForm China and one of the seven professional exhibitions of the same kind in the world. As the "important role" of "MetalForm China", SheetMetal China gathers many famous stamping technology and equipment at home and abroad, and major enterprises also display the latest product prototype and release the latest product results on the exhibition site. At the same time, the exhibition also gathered a large number of enterprises doing stamping peripheral...