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  • Car & New Energy Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Hot Forging Press and Mechanical Forging Press
  • Cold Forging Press and Warm Forging Press
  • Cold Forging Press and Warm Forging Press
  • Mechanical Extrusion Press
  • Friction Screw Press and Hydraulic Screw Press
  • Direct-Driven Screw Press
  • Clutch Type Screw Press
  • Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Closed-die Forging Press & Hydraulic Open-die Forging Press
  • Hydraulic Extrusion Press and Hydraulic Press for Powder Metallurgy Product
  • Hydraulic Horizontal & Vertical Extrusion Press
  • Multi-way Closed-die Forging Press
  • Liquid State Closed-die Forging Press and Crankshaft Forming Press(NTR press)
  • Hydraulic Isothermal Forging Press
  • Hydraulic Counter-blow Hammer and Pneumatic-hydraulic Counter-blow Hammer
  • Servo Forging Press
  • Drop Forging Hammer
  • Air Closed-die Forging Hammer and Open-die Forging Hammer
  • Hydraulic Hammer and Pneumatic-hydraulic Hammer
  • Cold Former, High-speed Hot Former and Cold Forming
  • Ring Rolling Press, Spinning Forging Press and Spinning Machine
  • Upsetter, Rolling Machine, Skew Rolling Machine and Wedge Rolling Press
  • Radial Forging Press and Orbital Forging Press
  • Electricity Upsetter
  • Thread Rolling Machine, Fastener Forging machine
  • Drawing Forming Machine
  • Spring Forming Machine
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D Printer)
  • Billet Shearing Machine, Band Saw Machine and High-speed Disc Saw Machine
  • Trimming Press, Coining、Straightening & Sizing Press
  • Twister Press, H-Steel Straightening Press and Tube & Pipe Straightening Press
  • Flame Cutting Machine for Forging Production
  • Induction Heater and Loader
  • After-forging Cooling System
  • Water Descaling System and Lubrication Device
  • Phosphate-saponification Coating Machine
  • Quick-Die Change System and Step Transfer Device
  • Blast Cleaning Machine and Relief Machine of Internal or Residual Stress
  • Forging Transfer Device or System
  • Forging Feeding & Loading Machine, Rail-bound Forging Manipulator and Movable Manipulator
  • Forging Grinding Machine
  • Forging Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching, Tempering and Quenching & Tempering Equipment
  • Forging Hardening Machine
  • Foundation Element and Hydraulic System
  • Forging Storage & Handling Machine
  • Gas(Coal Gas), Fuel Forging Furnace and Heat-treatment Furnace
  • Burner, Thermocouple and Refractory
  • Control System for Gas(Coal Gas), Fuel and Electric Furnace
  • Energy Saving and Smoke Emission & Dust-removal Equipment
  • Measurement Device, Display and Record Machine for Furnace Temperature, Pressure and Fuel Flow Rate
  • Gear Box, Air-blower and Forced-draft Blower for Gas( Coal Gas) and Fuel Forging Furnace
  • Metallurgical Microscope, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope and Deep-hole Endoscopy)
  • Mechanical Property Test Machine, Recorder and Dada Processing
  • Hardness Test
  • Forging Size Measurement and Automatic Test/Inspection System
  • Laser Temperature Detector
  • Dye Inspection Device, Fluorescent Magnetic Flaw Detector, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & Magnetic Flaw Detector
  • γ-ray, Penetration Flaw Detector and X-ray & Isotope Detector
  • Fatigue and Creep Text Machine
  • 3D Measurement System
  • Caliper, Micrometer and Other Measuring Equipment
  • Mechanical and Electronic Control System (CNC), Full Automatic System & Package Solution
  • Automatic Die/Tooling Positioning, Quick-Fixture and Clamp
  • Trackless Transfer, Sheet/Plate Reverse Device, Flattening Machine, Automatic Sheet/Plate Cleaning and Oil Painting Machine
  • Automatic Scraps Transfer and Handling Machine, Transfer Machine for Tool/Die/Tooling, Sheet/Plate and Parts
  • CNC Drawing Pad, Noise Protection and Reduction Device
  • Shock Absorber, Wireless Recognition Device
  • Robot, Manipulator, Mechanical Arm, End Pick-up Device and Belt Transportation System
  • Feeder and Loading Device, Ejector System, Deep Drawing Pad and Stacker
  • Storage and Sorting Device. Intelligent Control System and Sensing Device
  • ERP, MES, CAD/CAM and Simulation Software, Plant & Equipment On-line Simulation and Analysis System
  • Welding Detector, Welding Robot, Spot Welding Robot, Cutting Robot, Grinding Robot and Welding Sensing Device and Track Instrument
  • Automatic Die/Tooling/Tool Change System, Quick Loading and Un-loading Robot, Stamping Step Transfer Beam and Transportation System
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"MetalForm China" was founded by CCMI. It has a long history since the "ChinaForge Fair" was held in 1990. It has witnessed the development and progress of China's metal forming industry...

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Founded by CCMI in 1990, "ChinaForge Fair" is an important part of "Metal China)". In 2007, it was merged with "SheetMetal China" founded by CCMI, and became one of the six sub exhibitions of MetalForm China, ranking first in the world in terms of exhibition scale and level. The ChinaForge Fair covers equipment and technology, peripheral auxiliaries and technology, materials, etc. involved in the whole production process from the warehousing inspection of forging raw materials to the forming of forging products, as well as material supply and post-processing technology and equipment. It covers the whole industrial chain and various processing technologies of forging.